Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Deep Black Repack-reloaded

This is an amazing game that I will post now...
In this game we can play as at...
Full action...with un we can shooting the enemy\

Game ftures:
- Cover shooter with 40 missions and 4 different environments;
- More than 8 hours of gameplay;
- Underwater combat;
- Free 3D underwater movement;
- Immersive storyline with expressive characters;
- Huge choice of tactical equipment including jetpack suits and wpon, with special traits for underwater combat;
- Support of Razer Hydra controller;
- NVIDIA 3D Vision Rdy title;
- NVIDIA PhysX support;
- Optimized for Sandy & Ivy Bridge, working well on Ultrabooks.Download here

Basketball Shoot QVGA,HVGA and WVGA

This game is so sy to play...
this game so simple to do...
Why???You just shoot the ball to the ring...
Are you want to try???
Download now...

Download here apk


Flick Soccer QVGA,HVGA and WVGA

Flick Soccer qvga,hvga and wvgalikes to play ball but just wanted to kick their modes mainin free aja? yuk play this game, rlly fun and a lot tantanganya. cekidot :

Download here


The Sims 3 for Hvga and Qvga

The Sims 3 for Hvga and QvgaI think you know this game, and have play this game on your PC and java phone. Now this game come to Android. Play the rl life game! Control your character and make your best character. You can do many think in this game, like have a job, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, buy properties, etc. This is the best rl life RPG game! Let's try!

DownloadSims 3 apk QVGA
Sims 3 apk HVGA Sims 3 data
Pass :
Anyway later on simsnya language is not English, so we have to change first. How to change it into English:
1) On the first menu, select the option to-2
2) Then select the option to-5 from the
3) Now after that select deh English.

Extract and place data folder on sdcard/android/data, install apk and play!


Shoot the Zombie Bird HVGA,QVGA,WVGA

I think it is very very Funy...
Ych it's Funs shooting games..
In this game you must survive from the Zombies Bird...
Why???ok...I will tell to you...
You must shoot the zombies bird because you must defend the little Pumpkids<Pumpkin>
Ok now it is your turn to Download it...

Download apk (media fire)
Download apk ( Data filehost)

install apk and play...


Castel Master 3D HVGA,QVGA,WVGA

Castel Master 3D
You play this game with tour strategy...
you must know how to win the games...
but sadly is not a must gat back the castel " Gaia"
Set your counterattack...NOW...

Download apk

Install the apk and play...


Sonic 4 episode 1 QVGA

Sonic is the one of fun games for android....
I Will share the sonic game for QVGA...
You just download the apk and play it...

Download apk


Farm Frenzy 3 v 1.15 HVGA and QVGA

Farm Frenzy 3 v 1.15 HVGA and QVGAThe Frenzy goes global as you tackle 95 fast-paced levels in Africa, Russia, the Wild West, an untamed jungle and more! Feed 30 exotic animals such as walruses, penguins and llamas while protecting your farm from dangerous jaguars, lions and brs!
When you ch a predator, dress it in a silly outfit and sell it for profit! Then return to the business of growing crops, collecting goods, purchasing factories, upgrading your warehouse and transportation, and buying and selling supplies.
Can you bt the highest score on OpenFeint and prove you’re the best virtual farmer in the world?

95 levels in five countries
30 animals, including five enemies
33 products to make
17 buildings and vehicles
16 trophies and achievements

What’s in this version: 3 v1.15
1.1. Performance improvement
2.2. Issue with language fix
3.3. Minor fixes
tags : software android,Aplikasi android game, app, apps, support android phone: galaxy, ace, mini, s 2, xperia, x10, x8, , , , droid, , s, nexian, , and all android phone

Download apk
Download SD Tegra
Downlaod SD Adreno

unzip the file and copy the game data file to: /sdcard/Android/data/


Striker Soccer Euro 2012 QVGA,HVGA

This game like PES..but this game more simple and focus to EURO version...
I think this game very fun to play....and you can feel like EURO rl life...
If your tm have lose in rl you can win in the virtual this game...
In this game have many fturs like 2 game modes,16 Nation tm,3 dificult levels..ETC...
So what do you wait??? let's download now..


Install apk and play..

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The Last Stand Base Defender QVGA,HVGA,WVGA

In this game,,you must have carefull of your base camp...
Why?? in this have attacked from your big enemy..
Do you must have a strategy to defends yours...
And after you complete ch can buy a new wpons from your point..
Do you want to try it???Let's dowload now...

Requipments: Android 2.1+

Install apk and play...

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COD Blackops 2 Free Download (PC and MAC)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is definitely dipping forward6171 involving war, together with high-tech toys which can be still likely decades at a distance. The mini-documentary series argued that the depiction is a pretty rsonable look at the upcoming, though this spoke mostly concerning software being a wpon. The game ftures lots of hardware far too, and Treyarch studio crown Mark Lamia provides talked about just how they're grounding often the drones in fact.


Call of Duty - Black OPS 2 Download has been relsed May 2, 2012. This is the latest game where you can play via XBox, Play Station 3, PC and other game consoles. Black OPS 2 can be downloaded in the link loed below so just follow it.

There have been some rumors that Call of Duty Black OPS 2 has made so many improvements when it comes to graphics and other game plays. The Black OPS 2 was so amazing that I decided to share the game and available for you to download below.

erally, I will be giving away 200 product or for Call of Duty Black OPS 2 so you can also try and see the gameplay and download. You can also it on a and just enter the for Call of Duty Black OPS 2 and you can share it with your friends.
And you can download the game in this blog...


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Areial Wild Adventure (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

In this game you can feel the wild life of animal..
You must help Abu birds,to find his chicks and get the nest...
Don't thinking that this game so sy to play...
In this game there are many hurdle...
So you must be carefull..
Then time to download...


Install apk and play,...

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Cardinal Quest armv7 HVGA,QVGA,WVGA

Cardinal Quest...ych it's the name of this game...
You must save the Hallemoth city the hands of tyranical Asterion...
So the Cardinal Quest game play as a Warriors...
Then you can play as a three any chapter...
You want to try?? OK I will share in this blog...
So just download now...

Install apk and play...

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Carnivores:Dinosaur Hunter HD (WVGA,HVGA,QVGA)

The new hunting game for android...
Come with 3D version and Better Resolution...
It is Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter...
In this game you play as a dinousaur can hunting where ever...
you can choose many a gun..arrow..etc..
Ok I think enough..and you can download in this blog...


Install apk and play...

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Temple Run :Brave (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)
Jump..jump..jump.. you must run and jump...'s just game..take sy..
In this game you must run from the demond br and other ddly trap.. must survive to rn the running glory...


This game compatible to all andorid..from QVGA until TAB..armv 6 and armv7

Install apk and play..

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The Sims 3 Full RIP ()

Hey guys..
Now I will share to you about one of fun game...
This game same as the last version...yh The Sims 2..
But now this game come with better resolution...
I will share to you the PC game Versions..
And then in this game you go from a car, the park..etc..

You must have a u or Bi to download this game..if you don't have u, can download HERE
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The Sims 2 Full RIP

The sequel to the best-selling PC game of all-time

In the The
Sims™ 2, you direct your Sims over a lifetime and mix their es from
one eration to the next. You set your Sims' goals in life; fame,
fortune, family, romance or knowledge. Give them a long, successful
existence or lve their lives in shambles. Take them to extremes, from
getting busted to seeing a ghost, from marrying an alien to writing a
grt novel. Unlsh your crtivity with the all-new Crte-A-Sim, new
building options, and the new in-game camera. Get rdy to mix
their es, fulfill their drms, and push them to extremes. What do
you want to do with your Sims' lives?

This game has been compresed to 625 MB. So you will download it sily.INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL :

1. download
2. decompress (both compression RAR and KGB)
3. put the files in a folder
4. transform it into that folder to ISO with power ISO
5. mount the
6. install
7. Restart the computer
8. play (with the mounted or use )

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

PART 3 -
Source :

How to copy and install PSP game from PC to PSP

First, let me just say, be careful when downloading and playing these games. WARNING: You may "brick" your PSP. This mns you need to make sure to install the correct firmware, and install it the right way, or else your PSP may stop working entirely. If you do not plan to download a different firmware, then disregard the warning.First, to download the game, there are two websites you can download the PSP game HERE. ch contain full PSP downloads along with regular news and information. The websites ch fully explain the steps to take to download the game to your computer. Just a note: It is good to have a memory stick in your PSP. The higher capacity of the memory stick, the more games you can download and store.Now, when the download has finished you most likely will have a .zip or .rar file. Extract this file using WinRAR or WinZip. A seperate folder should now be available Then connect your PSP to your computer with a USB cable.Navigate to find the PSP folder. Within this folder will be a GAME folder. Put the folder you previously extracted into this GAME folder.After all files are transferred, disconnect your PSP, and select GAME from the main menu of your PSP. In here should now be your newly downloaded game.If you experience any problems, you might want to check your firmware version (REMEMBER MY WARNING). Check any Rd-Me files that may have any instructions. Now enjoy playing all the PSP games you want.Source :


The Sims 2 Castaway
Spiderman 3 [English]
Spelling Challenge And More [English]
World Championship Poker All In [MULTI5]
God Of War Chains Of Olympus [Demo] [English]
SWAT Target Liberty [English]
Thrillville Off The Rails [English]
Hot PXL [English]
Crash Of The Titans [English]
Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights [English]
eration Of Chaos [English]
Spiderman Friend Or Foe [English]
Syphon Filter Logans Shadow [English]
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron [English]
Final Fantasy Tactics The War Of The Lions [English]
Gundam Battle Chronicle [JPN]
NBA 08 [English]
NBA Live 08 [English] Wangan Midnight Portable [JPN]
FIFA 08 [English]
Super Collapse 3 [English]
R-TYPE Tactics [JPN]
Pro Cycling 2007 [MULTI7]
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force 2 [English]
Fate Tiger Colosseum [JAP]
d Arms Contagion [English]
World Of Pool [MULTI5]
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII [JPN] Tales Of The World [English]
Sega Rally Revo [English] [PROMO]
NHRA Drag Racing Countdown To The Championship [English]
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 [English]
Worms Open Warfare 2 [MULTI5]
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes [English]
Dd Hd Fred [English]
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 [English]
Worms Open Warfare [Spanish] Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 [English]
Brunswick Bowling [English]
Jnne Darc [English]
Dragoneers Aria [JPN]
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 [English]
Cube 3D Puzzle Mayhem [MULTI5]
Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground [English]
Surfs Up [MULTI5]
Transformers The Game [MULTI5]
Dungeons And Dragons Tactics [English]
Madden NFL 08 [English]
aito Leds Power Up [English]
Winning Eleven 10 Ubiquitous Evolution [JAP]!
Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology Special Pack [JPN]
Tomb Raider Anniversary [English]
Crazy Taxi Fare Wars [English]
Wild Arms Crossfire [JAP] Guilty Gr Judgement [English]
Practical IQ [English]
Idol Janshi Suchi Pai III Remix [JPN]
State Shift [English]
Shrek Tercero [MULTI6][PSP]
Harvest Moon Boy And Girl [English]
Brave Story New Traveler [English]
oku Makai Mura Kai [JAP]
Ratatouille [Spanish]
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix [English]
The Con [English]
Ridge Rs [JAP]
For Symphony With All Ones Hrt Portable [JPN]
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories [JPN]
Final Fantasy II [English]
lien Syndrome [English]
Medievil Resurrection [Spanish]
Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology [English] Ratatouille [English]
SBK 07 Superbike World Championship [MULTI5]
Hot Brain [MULTI5]
Super Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition [English]
Transformers The Game [English][PSP]
Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground [English]
Grt Battles Of Rome [MULTI5]
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 [MULTI5]
Spectral Vs eration [English]
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge [English]
PQ2 Practical lice Quotient [English]
Rainbow Six Vegas [English]
Talkman Euro Soft Tantaiban CHT [MULTI6]
Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure [English]
Super Pocket Tennis [MULTI5]
Parappa The Rapper [English] [PROMO]
Tony Hawks Project 8 [MULTI5]
Shrek The Third [English]
Marvel Trading Card Game [MULTI5]Source :

The Sims 2 Pets Full RIP Free Download

This game is a simulation game that has 3D graphics and of course the game is quite interesting and well-loved by gamers the world, Comeon let's download..


The Sims 2 Part1(499mb)
The Sims 2 Part2(246mb) If you want to copy this post...plse put this blog link as a source...

The Last Defender HD (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

This is a FPS game. In this game you'll act as a soldier that stay in the frontline to defend your ar. There are many soldier, tank, and plane that will attack you, but you must destroy them and make the ar safe! In this game you'll equipped with many wpon, such as rifle, minigun, bazooka, missile thrower, laser gun, and etc! If you had problems you also can call for backup by using a tool (I don't know what tool it is, but it look like a PDA). The one of this game is you cannot move your character, but the rest is good. Try it!

Download apkThe Last Defender HD (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

Install apk and play! Tested on Galaxy Mini, and Galaxy W.

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Third Blade (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

Hey guys, now I'll share a 2D RPG game. It's third blade. The name of this game maybe basically took from the wpon that use in this game. There are 3 wpon that we can use in this game, there are short blade, katana, and grt sword (If there are 3 wpon in this game, this game should named "Three Blade", but I also don't know why this game named "Third Blade"?Whatever forget it, it's just a name, not an important thing XD)

In this game you must fight the weird monster that have kidnapped your girlfriend. As I told you before, you can use 3 kind of wpon in this game, and ch of them have special ability. This game has large map and difficult mission, so I think you won't be boring if you play this. And even it's a 2D game, but the graphic is good. Let's try!
Download Third Blade apk (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)
Install apk and play! Tested on Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy W.

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Killer Bn Unslashed (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

Killer Bn Unslasher...I Think this is a funny game with smooth graphic. In this game you'll act as a bn soldier (I think it's crazy if a bn become a soldier, but this just a game, enjoy it! XD)Your soldier mission is kill all enemy and escape from the enemy's base. You can use many modern wpon such as as, laser pistol, nuclr bom, fire bom, ice bom and the other weird wpon, lol XDIf you interested, just try it!Download Killer Bn Unslashed apk(Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)
Install apk and play!

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Mass Effect 3 With Fix Full Versions I will share to you the cool games that would be download in this blog...
Ok rd the waltrought below :

Mass Effect 3 is influenced by decisions from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Combat has been changed and refined; in particular, the cover system has been improved, there are more options for moving around the battlefield, instant melee kills and more conventional grenades are introduced as well as improved artificial lice. A four player multiplayer co-op mode will also be available.


System requirements:OS: XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / 7 Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz / something similar from AMD
Memory: 2GB (XP) / 4GB (Vista / Win 7)
Graphics card: AMD / ATI Radeon HD 4850 /
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT with 512 MB of memory on board

Mass Effect 3 Install :

- Unrar All Parts
- Mount Iso Files And Start Installation
- Replace : Reloaded : Folder
- Play..enjoy


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Velvet Assassin Full Versions

This game like assasin,..but this is a girl this game you can find many action...and don't forget to download in this blog...
Players take control of Violette Summer, a World War II-era British female spy operating deep behind enemy lines, attempting to help thwart the Nazi war effort.The game's story was inspired by a rl life secret at/saboteur Violette Szabo

Velvet Assassin DownloadHERE
Part 55


How to fix 385 error or "File Blocked for Violation" when download from mediafire
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Counter Strike Global Offensive With

Hey the CS Global Offensive...was relsed...
And then you can download in this blog...Full with ...
Ok I know you can't look the sceenshot below..

System Requirements (Minimum) :

CPU: 3GHz single-core or AMD processorRAM: 1GB for XP, 2GB for Vista / 7Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 256 MB graphics card, Nvidia 8000 series or AMD 3000 series.Operating system: XP SP2DirectX compatible sound card6 GB of hard drive spaceSystem Requirements (Recommended) :CPU: Dual core or AMD processorRAM: 1GB for XP, 2GB for Vista/7Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible 512 MB graphics card, Nvidia 400 series or AMD 5000 series.Operating system: 7 64-bitDirectX compatible sound card6 GB of hard drive space
1)Install VMware Workstation v8.0.1 Full;2) Run VMware, in the "File" menu - "Open" to select "Open format... and import the folder \ CSGOBeta.ovf.3) Start the game with a shortcut on the desktop virtual machine.DOWNLOAD HERE
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Ledary Hero 3D Hvga and Qvga

Hey guys, now I'll share a good RPG game. It'sLedary Hero 3D! It's a tower defense RPG game maybe... In this game, you must control your hero to defense tower and destroy the enemy. You can control until 3 heroes. ch hero has unique ability and ch hero can have up to 4 ability. This game has large and nice map. In this game there are multiplayer mode too, so you can play with your friends! I think this game like warcraft in PC, *same with plants war that I have posted before*. Let's Try!!!Download:Ledary Heroes apk + data + backup file for hvga and qvga This game only can played in rooted phone!Follow this step to install the game:1. Install apk2. Copy data to sdcard/android/data3. Extractbackup.zipand then copy to sdcard/titaniumbackup4. Open titanium backup > restore/backup > ledary heroes > restore data only (if you don't have titanium backup, you can download it here)5. Play the game!

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Siege Nuclr Option (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

Hey guys, sorry for being inactive for long time. Now I'll share a strategy game. In this game you must destroy your enemy by rocket. But not just that, you must aim your enemy, and shoot them from distance. In this game there are many factors that affect your aim like wind and weight of wpon. In this game you also can use various wpon like rocket tank and etc. This game like DDTANK in pc. Let's try!DownloadSiege Nuclr Option (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)
Install apk and play

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Ledary Game For PC Full Versions

The grtest thief of all time Charles Deckard, specializing in rare works of art, from a purely professional considerations, snks into a New York museum and, if on their own, opens the box - nothing other than the ledary Pandora's box. What happens next is fully consistent with the ancient Greek myth: Hidden under a single lock, all the troubles, evils and vices at once fell upon the pceful citizens, and together with them - and Deckard. In the skies over New York revled suspicious crater, where, as if from a horn of plenty, there are griffins, werewolves and other mythical monsters. Residents of metropolitan t, peck, tr to pieces, columns, pressure and take away to an unknown destination. Not rdy for such serious consequences and are not sophistied in dling with demonic crtures, Charles is one - try to close Pandora's box. What is it for this should be done - to identify himself to the hero.

Minimum system requirements: * Operating system: XP Service Pack 2 or Vista * Processor: Pentium D805 2.6 Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 3800 + * Memory: 2GB * : 512MB * Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX * space: 9.5 GB

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Arcania Gothic 4 Full Version

For me..this game look like Skyrim and Mount and blade...In this game we can feel that we in the past...yh maybe 400 BC..You know this game full of the strange animal....yh it's so scary...Do you want to try??? Let's donwnload this game...

Minimum System Requipment : - OS: XP / Vista - CPU: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, AMD Athlon 3500+ - RAM: 1 GiByte ( XP), 1.5 GiByte ( Vista) - Graphics card: Ati Radeon 1800XT, Shader Model 3, 256 MiByte or Nvidia Geforce 6800, Shader Model 3, 256 MiByte - Hard drive: 10 GB +
600 MB virtual memory


Mediafire :
Pass rar

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Blur The Game Full Versions

Blur is the ultimate powered-up racing experience, dropping you into electrified action with a mass of cars targeting the finish line and battling ch other as they trade paint in both single player and multiplayer action. Travel the globe from L.A. and San Fran to Spain, the UK and
more to take on the best the streets have to offer. Utilize an arsenal of power-ups like nitro speed boosts, shock attacks, efensive shields, and landmines to bt your rivals across the finish line. You choose how and when to use your arsenal of powerups for ultimate impact in a race where the outcome is never certain. In Blur the storyline plays out in the single player campaign. Here players assume the role of an up-and-coming r who is looking to make a name for himself in the underground racing scene, but the competition is fierce. As you take on the series of races, you'll meet a bunch of recurring characters. Some of these characters will be rivals, others perhaps will act as mentors, and some may be something else entirely. The only thing that is certain in the world of Blur is that in a race there are winners and losers, and rs will do anything to rch the finish line first. System Requirements: * Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 * Processor: Pentium D at 3.4 Ghz or equivalent AMD * Memory: 1 GB of RAM * Graphic: 256 MB nVidia GeForce 6600GT or better, ATI Radeon 1600XT or better * Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0 * Hard Space: 14 GB available * Internet : Broadband connection required for Multiplayer Connectivity

Installation :
1. Unpack
2. or mount the
3. Install the game
4. Copy the from ViTALiTY folder
5. can play the game

:Mediafire :

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Fishing Kings HD

Fishing Kings HD...
ch tons of fish in 5 loions around the world the best fishing game on the phone! The flow of play will make you enjoy this fun and intensive! You can see the core of the action with an underwater camera ftures of interest. It's time grab your hook and do the best ches!

-15 3D picturesque fishing loions around the world, including salt water fishing in the Bahamas
-ch more than 30 s bass depending on your loion, including bass, piranha, and marlin
-Underwater camera placed at the hrt of the action when you are fighting a big fish!
- The flow of play produces rlistic fishing experience with a lot of fishing tactics and options
-Open the box to access a lot of fishing equipment to ch fish right at the correct loion


DOWNLOAD apk here
Download the data with wi-fi or GPRS


Aralon:Sword And Shadow HD armv6(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Ok guys..I have been Googling and find the good game...
This game have HD grhapic and many adventure...
I think this game is best 3D RPG game in android...
In this game you can choose the wpon and magic..
So what do you wait?? let's download now..
I have been tested in my galaxy..and work..

Install apk and play..have fun..
This game may have many lag in armv6 ..


Ilusia 2 Ofline (QVGA,HVGA,WVGA)

Do you want to have a RPG game that can play without lag??
So you must try this game...this game have tested in experia arc s..
So why you not try it?? Ok..I will share the game..

Install apk and play..



The Amazing Spiderman for Hvga and Wvga armv7

The has not come out? don't worry an important game on android alrdy we can enjoy.
the one game made by gameloft which can spoil the android users come presented to us. This game have been test on xperia arc s, so if your phone not xperia arc s ask me because I hve not test in other phone.The important,,your hanphone screen HVGA / WVGA and have processor 1GHz and this game for armv7.Let's rock...

-The Amazing Spiderman for Hvga and Wvga armv7.apk
- Data part 1
- Data part 2
- Data part 3
- Data part 4
- Data part 5

Put data in SDCard/Android/data


This game still you must have Internet Connection to verifiion
this file,,, if you want to play..


Ronaldo Face Update 02/07/12

You just copy the .bin file in:
C/Program file/konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/kitserver/GDB/face/and the player club



Daniel Alves Face Update 02/07/12

Can add a tatoos at palyer...
You just copy the .bin file in:
C/Program file/konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/kitserver/GDB/face/and the player club



Iniesta Face Update 02/07/12

You just copy the .bin file in:
C/Program file/konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/kitserver/GDB/face/and the player club



Pirlo Face Update 02/07/12

You just copy the .bin file in:
C/Program file/konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/kitserver/GDB/face/and the player club



Facepack Update 02/07/12 HD


You just copy the .bin file in:

C/Program file/konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/kitserver/GDB/face/and the player club


PES 2012 Editor V 1.5

Now Leetzh wants to share the new version of PES Editor...
In this version you can open the kitserver with Pesedit version 3.0 until 3.4 and pesedit euro...
So..let's download now...
latest changes:
added support for japanese player name
fixed saving of non capitalized stadium names
added Market Price column to the Player overview window
improved free ats list ( no more managers included )
improved indiion of players while dragging in edit tm window
DLC 3.0 support ( thx Tottimas, davidecit and nickthejoker )
… and probably more, bud don’t remember
note 1: chants relink still not working for non-eric slots
note 2: occasional issue with custom stadium name still not solved
Tool to PES2012 Option File [ O.F. or OF ] editing.
how to use:
open option file [ EDIT.bin ] from Documents/KONAMIP/ro Evolution Soccer 2012/save
do the chages save
The function is same with the laste version...



Euro Facepack Update 02/07/12

You just put the bin file in
C/Program file/konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/kitserver/GDB/face/and the player club

Silva, Marchisio, Van der Vaart, Rooney



Chels 12-13 Kits Set Update 02/07/12


Final Fantasy III 3D (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Sorry for not update my post for two days...
I have holliday with my family...
OK,,now Leetzh want to share the new game that name...
What?? yh,,..Final Fantasi 3..
Let's download now...

Requires Android : 2.2 or up

Download the material here:
- Lucky er
- Titanium 5.0.3 backup
- Titanium 5.0.3 backup

Download the game here:
- FF III Titanium Backup
- FF III Data

NOTE: Your phone have been rooted...

In this file,,,there is no apk to follow the instruction properly

1. Download all the above ingredients, the first install lucky er backup and titanium and its

2. After that extract the FF III Titanium Backup to sdcard> Titaniumbackup on your phone, klo no folder crted with the name Titaniumbackup and restore App Data + FF III game it in titanium

3. Extract FF III on your phone, move the folder to the sdcard com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFIII_GP> Android> obb, if there is no folder obb,,you can crte manually...

4. Turn on the wifi (internet connection should be there) if the game want the lucky er to remove the lincense...

5. Srch Final Fantasy III, and press a name of the game> Remove verifiion> select auto run when you finish the game

NOTE: -Your phone must have been rooted...
-Must connect to Internet when play this game...



For me this game look like G Bike that I post last week...
Good racing game,,,with HD graphic...and you can enjoy the game...
No more description just look the screenshot and download...


Download apk
Install apk and play...


Sport Car Challenge 3D HD armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Sport Car Challebge is a new racing game,,,that has a good graphic...
In this game you can feel that you drive your drive your sport Car...
Many car type...and many type of modifiion part..thatcan make your car more Fast...
With HD can feel fun play it....
Ok if you want to know about this game...look screenshot below...


Download Apk
Download Data

Install apk and place data in SDcard/Android/Data
But in firs must have internet connection to verifying data...

NOTE : Game can lag on armv6


3D Bike G (HVGA and QVGA)

Full 3D games are very butiful, and also very similar to the 3D speedx game. We are required to pass through roadblocks with maximum speed, not to hit the barrier, its 3D animation is far superior than the Speedx 3D.Dengan a dazzling display space. Careful dizzy playing this game because of the effect of spin on this game like a friend of a friend to play the game 3D Speedx

Download Apk Here

Install apkand play...


Kungfu Warrior (HVGA and QVGA)

The fun game for android that have good gameplay..
This game have a main character look like Bruce lee ...Wow..
The gameplay is first told of the grt kung fu revenge for the dth of his tcher. its cool gameplay. and the size not to big...

Download Apk Here
Install apk and play...


Emissary of war QVGA and HVGA

Emissary of war qvga hvga apk & sd files: Its a action RPG game from Cedar Hill Games Inc. Emissary of war is completely a different kind of rpg game. This game is story driven, with cinematics and voice acting! The Game play is nice, graphics also good. Download Emissary of war qvga hvga apk & sd data & play on your awesome android !

Emissary of War

Market Description:
The emissary's journey is almost complete! Only a single trty remains to be brokered and then home to a hard-rned rest. As long as nothing goes wrong…
and slash your way through legions of mercenaries and monsters that want you dd, as you fight to uncover he secret plot against your dominion.
- Action RPG style gameplay!
- Story driven, with cinematics and voice acting!
- Upgrades and collectibles to be found!
- Intuitive controls designed directly for a touch based interface!

Download: Emissary of war qvga hvga apk
Downlaod: Emissary of war qvga hvga sd files

How to Install:
1) Downlaod Apk & sd files
2) Put the apk in sd card
3) Put the sd data in sd card/Android/data/
4) Install the apk
5) Launch the game & enjoy1

Compatible Device list: Galaxy Y, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy gio, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Ace, Wildfire S, X10mini Pro, X8, Optimus One, Optimus Net. Emissary of war qvga hvga apk & sd files free Downloads!

Avatar HD (HVGA and QVGA)

Sorry for late to post this games...I never recommended this game before...
Bur,one of my facebook friends ask me to post this game..

First you must have root your phone...
if your phone alrdy follow this step..

-Download Chainfire 3D + Plugins
-Install Chainfire 3D
-Extr Plugins file in SD
-Open the Chainfire 3D and allow the super user
-Sellect the CF3D and then install,your phone will restart
-Start the Chainfire 3D again,and select item install plugins
-Wait untill it found the plug-ins .zip file
-After that,go to Default OpenGL setting - use the plugins
-Minimize the Chainfire3D
-Set your phone to airplane mode
-Then go to instalation of avatar game

Download Chainfire 3D + Plugins

QVGA screen size 240 x 320 , HVGA screen size 320 x 480

Download apk for QVGA
Download apk for HVGA
Download data files

Copy data files to Gameloft/game/avatar

If you want to copy this post..plse put this blog link as a source...



After I download from my facebook group,...
Then to be tried in galmin and work immediately wrote ane share.
Inotia into 4 equal gameplaynya inotia this before, but had the RPG re with a different storyline.
You want to try??ok time to download ...


Download apk here
Install apk and play...

If you want to copy this post...plse put this blog link as a source...


My Bch HD 1.5 apk (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

This game look like a holliday time..
You can spend all summer day in Bch...
Relaxe at the bch and make you happy in your private Bch..
Ok maybe you thin that this game is must play
And you can know about that...


If you want to copy this post..plse put this blog link as a source...

Download apk hereInstall apk and play...

Midnight Club 3 Dubed Edition Full RIP

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition digs deeper into stylistic and performance customization of the originals, and has partnered with the car/celebrity magazine DUB, for a street racing game that's pimped-out and pushing the redline. The PlayStation Portable edition is based on the console games, so you can take that incredible speed and slick style with you out to the sideshows.INFO : Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition delivers insanely fast, open city racing in Atlanta, San Diego, and Detroit, complete with 8-player online competition and the most comprehensive vehicle customization ever seen in a game. Drive the hottest d rl life SUVs, import tuners, muscle cars, choppers and luxury rides, and trick them out with the latest rims, trims, and upgrades just like in the pages of DUB.SCREENSHOT :

DOWNLOAD Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 Part 6If you want to copy this post...plse put this blog link as a source...~Leetzh~

Mafia 2 Full Version PC

Mafia 2 is good game with HD resolution... ussualy hr about this game... I will share that's want to try??


Mafia II was a rough gem, a title with a ton of promise that executed wonderfully on some of its concepts and fell (excuse the pun) criminally short on others, hamstrung by some fairly basic issues. The third pack of downloadable content, Joe’s Adventures, hit your favorite online service recently and while it shares the main title’s strengths, it’s also vulnerable to its wknesses.
Joe’s Adventures puts you in the shoes of (surprise!) Joe Barbaro, oldest friend and Mafioso connection for the main game’s lding man, Vito Scaletta. The DLC gives you a window into the main game’s ten yr transition period (when Vito was cooling his heels in the slammer), and follows Joe’s fall from grace and attempt to climb back to the top of underworld respectability.
To unlock the main story missions and push the narrative, players complete a series of tasks assigned to them by Mafia II’s supporting cast. While the main missions are interesting little gems that benefit from the quality voice acting and writing that propelled the main game, the filler missions are bland and eric. They’re explained to you by way of lifeless blocks of text and are the eric sort of “stl this car, outrun the cops” or “go to place X and shoot a bunch of thugs” missions we’ve been playing since the inception of open-world gaming.
The expansion adds a scoring mechanic that tracks your behavior during missions and awards you with a letter grade upon completion. Finish quickly, tr up the streets speeding, drifting, and jumping cars, or take out enemies in quick succession and you’ll pile up points and multipliers that contribute to your final score. It’s an interesting twk to the mission mechanics that adds a rewarding element for players that finish quickly and in style, but building time-pressure into every task is not necessarily a plus. While it adds a bit of suspense, it also makes the player feel rushed to finish before the clock expires.
One of the most unfortunate carryovers from the main game is the lack of a fast travel option, which mns players spend an inordinate amount of time driving around the city chasing their GPS' little red line toward the next objective. The lack of interesting side activities mns there’s very little by way of diversity, so a lot of the time you’re left following that line from bland filler mission to bland filler mission, hoping this will be the one to finally advance the story. Not the best way to spend the five or so hours it’ll take you to knock out Joey’s side story.
If you have a mn hankering for more Mafia II and are invested in the story, Joe’s Adventures, with its requisite new cars and clothing and lovable pudgy protagonist, isn’t a bad choice. For everyone else though, it’s probably best to let this one sleep quietly with the fishes.


DOWLOAD ( file)
You must have u or Bit to download this game...
If you don't have a U you can download here

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Flatout 2 Full RIP

This is a racing game with HD resolution...
This game have populararity in PS 2...
But don't be sad..Leetzh want to share the PC version of this game...
But because the game have been you can't hr the music..
But don't worry..this game can still amazing... now..


Minimum System Requipment:
-Processor:Pentium 4 @ 2.0 Ghz or higher
-RAM:512 Mb or higher
-VGA Memory:64 Mb or higher
-Har:3Gb free space
-DirectX:Versi 9.0c or higher

Download :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Pass :

Installation :
-Download all part
-Extract all part
-Run the flatout.exe
-And you can play..


Ninja Wariors For HVGA,QVGA,WVGA

Hey..Sorry for late to posting this game..Now I will share the action game like Ninja,,
Ok rd the description below...

Ninja Warriors! The next ninja game led!
Ninja Warriors! Choose to be a Ninja Warrior and begin fighting! Kill all the enemies on your way and destroy their tricks!
Ninja Warriors(Full) is the most addictive ninja RPG game in Android Market! In this face paced fighting game,your goal is to kill enemies such as Werewolf,Rat Monster in the under world. And there are also some big, Have fun!
- Swords
- Darts
- Invincible skills
- Folks
★ Tips.
- Try to jump over the cliff
- Double jump to jump higher
- Long press fire button for power
- Kill enemy and collect energy balls to POWER UP!
★ Ftures.
- Multi-touch
- Music on/off
- Gorgeous game graphics


Minimum System : Android 2.1 to up

Install apk and play...

If you want to copy this post...plse put this blog link as a source...


I'm Back !!!!!

Yooo..Sorry for not update my post for long time..I can't blogging for long time because I have problem with my internet connection..Soo.. if there is a dd link.. let's comment here.. I'll find a new link for you..Wow I can't belive that I can post again in this blog XDI hope you still come to my blog..

The Bard's Titans Armv7 device only

Do you want to know what about this game?? let's check this description..
• 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!)
• A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more
• A full cast of bizarre NPC’s
• Over a dozen special boss enemies to deft
• 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you
• Over 150 unique items of wponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot!
• More Song & Dance s than any other game, including a zombie dance-off!
• Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator
OK now it's download can play this game without ROOT..
Download here (apk) 13 MBUse lucky er to remove the lincense..and download the data from the game..
Or you can download download from file..Download here (apk+data+titanum backup+info) 1.2 GBDownload the file and use u or bit to download via that's file...

Aftermath HXD armv6 HVGA and QVGA

* Fight through the zombie horde while taking care of cunning Spewers, bullish Scrmers and lumbering Fatties.
* Relive the trials and nr-escapes of the night as you progress through the story mode.
* Infinite replayability with score-attack challenge levels.
* Play with hd to fully experience atmospheric audio.
* Exclusive 5 new levels not available on the iOS version.
* All-new HD textures, models and environments.

Requires Android 2.3 and up

Download apk here (15 MB)
install apk and play


Total War Battles armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)

Yoo..hey guys..Leetzh has a new game for you..
I think this game like Warcracft in PC..
This game not rly hvy because this game like a mini game..
Do you can win the all of stage war?? can you command your soldier??
OK..The answer can you find while you play it...

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

Download part 1
Download part 2
Download part 3

-Place data in SD Card/Android/Obb
-Install apk and play the game (Turn off the internet connection while play)


Ddly Dungeon armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Yooo..Leetzh has a new game for you..thats a cool game..
The game that you be a amazing knigt than you fight with many evil
So..can you stop the evil with your knigt?? the anwser in your hand..

Ftures :
- 'n' slash action gameplay
- Unlock additional wpons and powerful special abilities
- Stunning 3d graphics

Requires Android : 2.1 and up

Download apk here (Mediafire)
Download apk here (Dirrect mirror)
Intall apk and play..

Note: May lag in some armv6 phone

~Leetzh~ 2012 4.0- The New Sson - Relsed!

Ohh..sory for late post this one..I'm very busy to post my android game..but I'm never forget for post this one..ok let's check it...

New Ftures:

Faces: Around 50 new faces (e.g. Destro, Jesus Navas, Pastore, Song, Verratti,Witsel)Kits: 1860 München, Alcorcon, Almeria, Arsenal, Aue, Barcelona, BATE, BayernMünchen, Bielefeld, Black, Bochum, Braunschweig, Chels, Cottbus,Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Eintracht Frankfurt, Elche, England, Espanyol, Freiburg, FSVFrankfurt, Hannover, Hercules, Hertha BSC, Hoffenheim, Ingolstadt, Inter, Juventus,Las Palmas, Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow, Lyon, Mainz, Manchester City,Manchester United, Nürnberg, Paderborn, Paris, Rl Madrid, Rl Sociedad, RlSporting, Recrtivo de Huelva, Reburg, South Africa, Stua, Stuttgart,Swans, Tottenham, Union Berlin, Valencia, Wolfsburg, Wolverhampton, ZaragozaSelector: Added option to display other 2nd division tms in Other Tms sectionTms: 3 new tms: Brighton & Hove Albion, Guadalajara & MirandésTransfers: Updated a lot more recent summer transfers (additionally 140 newlycrted players)Other: Fixed some smaller problems like wrong ball for La Liga
How to use:
Switch EURO 2012 OFF (skip if you don't have the EURO)Delete the folders 'pesedit', 'GDB' inside 'PES 2012/kitserver' (optional)Install the using install.exe, make sure to choose the directory you installedPES 2012 to.Start the game via pes2012.exe / start menu folder " 2012 " /PESEDIT SELECTOR

Ronaldo Face Update 03/09/12 By Teiker

Wooww..thats good editing from my friend in forum..
I like his editing so..I will downlaod now..if you want you can download too..

Download Here

Put to face folder in your PES 2012 Installation folder..


Fast Five (HVGA and QVGA)

Hi..Leetzh want to share a racing game that maybe you have been know...
Sory for late post this game because I think this game have same as other racing game.. visitors talk to me request this game from me..
And I will share it now..

1)Download this Text File and put in the root of your SDCard,like this SDCard/(PLACE DOWNLOADED TXT FILE HERE)
2)Copy Fast5 data folder to SDCard/Gameloft/Games/(PLACE DATA FOLDER HERE)
3)Install apk of Fast5,now open it
4)it will ask you to download data files,don't worry it will not download data files again,its just checking and verify your fast5 data folder,select carrier network and verify processes will start,wait till whole verify process complete,it will take 4 or 5 minutes to complete verify process
5)after verify complete press ok and game will be going to start,but game will not play yet,play game again,game will crash
6)now download this mp4 File and replace it in Gloftf5/Res
7)Now play the game,game will work,Enjoy

HVGA apk
QVGA apk
Download data files


Dui Challenge Armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB) I will share to u that love with racing life...
Now there is a new motorbike racing game that have a better graphics..
I very happy because I like racing game too..and this game is one of my favorite game..
Let's dowload and try to ride your dui...
I will play now..good bye..

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Download apk+data here

Install APK And place data folder in SDCard/Android/Data/ and Play


FIFA 2012 Ver 1.3.98 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA,TAB)

After I play PES in last version..I want to play a football game that same as PES..
I think you are know what I's FIFA 2012..and now there is a new version..
Experience the action of your favorite sport like never before! Watch matches come to life with vibrant graphics and ultra-rlistic animations.

This game compatible without root
Requires Android: 2.2 and up

DOWNLOAD LINK (Apk and Data) :

Because the I can't upload the file I have a new link for you..this link can download with file..and you must have U or Bit for download it..

Download here ( )

Offline Apk:
Fifa12 Apk Offline (No Connection Required)

-Install Apk and place data folder in SDCard/Android/Data/ and play.
-Use data from online apk to offline apk
-Use titanium backup file in case if data does not recognize in your phone.


Informasi Berita Bola Terbaru di

Informasi Berita Bola Terbaru di

Halo semua....kali ini Leetzh akan memberitahu suatu berita penting buat semua yang suka banget ama yang namanya sepak bola...mungkin dari kalian belum tahu kalo ada sebuah web yang kontennya itu berisi tentang sepak bola dan berita olahraga terbaru lohh...Untuk kalian yang gak sempat nonton berita bola di atau di koran...bisa kunjungi web ini..mau tahu?? ok share linknya..berita bola terbaru
Nahh..tuh dia web yang pling aq suka buat mengetahui info terbaru tentang sepak web paling sering saya kunjungi klo lagi kepingin tahu info sepak bola terkini..pokoknya inget aja diinget kan... mana kalo saya dah diem di web itu..saya ampe gk inget waktu gan..saya kan maniak bola,,isi kontennya itu loh..widiihhh lengkap..yang gak ada di berita..bisa agan temuin disana..wuhhh pokoknya harus nyobain tuh gan...

Trus klo kalian juga mau melihat prediksi-prediksi yang jitu..bisa di coba web yang satu ini.. info prediksi semua prediksi ada di sana gan...dan yang satu lagi ada web yang kontennya itu menai berita terkini seputar olahraga yaitu Berita Terkini dan Olahraga

Nah..semua web di atas saya post dengan maksud memudahkan kalian mencari info terbaru seputar olahraga dan prediksi terkini...yang paling pas untuk agan-agan yang maniak bola..langsung di klik link yang menuju itu yang berita bola terbaru....kebetulan karang saya mau liat dulu info terbaru dari Good Bye...


The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Android(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Yhhh,,,Now I can play skyrim..
Because in PC I have many lag in skyrim games..
Now I will try my journey in skyrim android....
Same as PC versions,in android you can find many dragon...
And the can find many kind of wpon that can you use to kill a dragon.. I will play it..good bye..

Download apk here (25 MB)
Install apk and play...


Mike V: Skateboard Party 1.1.1 armv6

I think it's first 3D skate board game that avaible in Android..
Many game mode that you can play in this game...
You can upgrade your skateboard or upgrade your skater ability..
Try to explain your skill in skateboard,,,and try to make a new style in this game..
Move and jump,,that is the important skill that you must have done..
Let's rock...

Requires Android 2.0.1 or up

Donwload apk here
Pass :

Install apk and play...


Total Recal armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

This game look like a rpg game...
This game can make your imagination come true..
There are many secret in this game,,that you must know that..
Have enjoy game with beutifull graphics...
Let's play and enjoy it..

Requires 2.0.1 and up

Download apk here
Install apk and play...


Call Of Duty Blackops Zombies (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Yhhh...COD now avaible for Android...
I'm so Happy because I can play COD in my phone..
Because I can't play COD in I will enjoy it in android... this game you not just play such as a another COD..
It's COD fight and survive form Zombies...
More extreme form Resident evil...and more scared too...

Your phone must have rooted....
Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Apk here
Data here

If you have a black screen,you can try to use Cualcomme Plugin in Chainfire 3D...
Then if you have force close,Update your phone..


4 X 4 Safari (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

I know that the hunting games is to similyar for you...
But for the must look up for this game...
I can know many animal and it's life in this game...
Want to be a hunter?? I'm sorry...I'm to scary to be a hunter...
But,in this can be a hunter without a scary...
Then you can hunting with a jeep look's like a grt hunter..
Let's try it...

For :Android 2.1 and up

Download Apk here (30,52 MB)
Install apk and play...

PES 2012 Ver.1.0.5 Last version (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Hi...Now Leetzh want to share to you a last version from PES 2012...
I know the pes 2013 will relesed next December...
In this willl find a new ftures like..
Awesome 3D graphics...the new skill in player...
and the new player in some tm....

PES 2012 Apk and Data (Uploaded)
PES 2012 Apk and Data (Dirrect mirror)

Install apk and place the data in SD card/Android/obb...
if there is no obb can make a new one...
But..for the first must have a internet connection for veriviion data...



I have been hr this game..
First..I know this game in PC...yapp PC games..
But now..I will share the Android version..
let's try to download now..

Apk mediafire
Apk datafilehost
Apk mirror
Install apk and play...

Tempat Belajar dan usi Tentang Blog di PBI

Tempat Belajar dan usi Tentang Blog di PBI
Agan-agan pasti gak tau kan apa itu PBI?? Mau tau?? ok..saya akan menerangkan sedikit tentang PBI.PBI adalah Persatuan Blogger Indonesia,dan ini adalah sebuah grup yang berada di facebook.
Jika agan ingin bergabung bersama kami di PBI,langsung aja daftar di sini

>>PBI <<
OK,,di sini saya akan sedikit berbincang-bincang tentang pengalaman saya blogging dan betapa berartinya PBI bagi saya.Dulu saya adalah anak SMP yang tidak tau apapun soal Blogger.Akhirnya saya belajar membuat Blog dengan teman saya,yahh..walaupun gak banyak tapi setidaknya punya blog.Saya selalu merasa iri melihat blog teman saya yang begitu besar dan berkembang.Akhirnya saya terus mencari sumber-sumber untuk menemukan tips menai blogging.Saya pun menemukan grup PBI ini di facebook.Dan saya tidak salah masuk,,karena saya mendapatkan banyak ilmu di grup ini.Saya dapat bertanya apapun menai blog disana,seperti Alexa rank,page rank,tips blogging, pageviews,template,folower,dan yang terpenting SEO.
Selama saya bergabung di PBI,saya sangat senang karena saya dapat belajar banyak dari para senior saya yang kebanyakan para siswa SMP juga.Berikut adalah beberapa kegiatan yang membuat saya menjadi lebih semangat untuk blogging:

-Lomba SEO
-Penghargaan 10 blogger terbaik menurut Alexa
-Kegiatang saling follow yang mempererat ikatan silahturahmi
-Dan yang terpenting,sebagai Tempat Belajar dan usi Tentang Blog di PBI,sesuai dengan judul postungan ini.

Kenapa saya mengharapkan anda untuk bergabung ke PBI,karena saya tau perasaan agan-agan yang pasti menginginkan blog yang bagus baik di mata orang maupun di mata Google.Dan yang bagus dari PBI,kita di perbolehkan promosi setiap hari Minggu.Nahh..itu yang saya suka dari grup ini,kita bisa mendapat banyak pageviews dari promosi itu,apalagi kita bisa melakukan kegiatan saling follow.Jika kita di follow dengan orang yang memilik akun blogger,pasti mereka akan tau tentang postingan terbaru kita tersebut,dan bisa saja mereka mengunjungi blog kita jika tertarik.
Ngomong-ngomong,sepertinya saya tidak omongin tentang peraturan grup PBI nih..OK,akan saya berikan peraturan yang harus dilakukan di grup PBI ini,lihat gambar di bawah ini..

Gimana tentang peraturannya?? lumayan banyak sih,tapi kalo agan gabung di grup ini,agan akan ngerasaain perkembangan blog agan dan ini bukan hanya sekedar promosi.Dan jika agan sudah menjadi blogger besar,jangan sungkan untuk membagi ilmunya di sini..di Grup PBI.

Dan pasti kalian bertanya-tanya dalam hati kalian,apa itu SEO?? mungkin saya terlalu sering menyebut SEO di postingan ini.Baik,pertama kali saya mendengar nama SEO...saya penasaran..apa arti dari SEO..
SEO adalah sebuah taktik untuk blogger agar dapat membuat Google terpesona dan menambah daya blog kita di mata Google...dengan kata lain kita bisa masuk page pertama Google dengan mudah. Dan kebetulan saat ini saya sedang mengikuti kontes SEO.Kontes ini bertujuan untuk mengasah kemampuan blogging kita.Dan selain itu kita juga dapat mengetahui siapa kah yang mempunyai blog yang benar-benar bisa di katakan SEO.OK agan-agan..mungkin cukup sekian dulu tentang PBI.Kalo agan mau mendaftar,langsung aja ke grup ini.Dan di grup PBI agan pasti akan tau bagaimana itu SEO dan banyak hal penting yang terus terang saya juga belum mengerti betul.Kami pasti akan menjadikan agan menjadi blogger yang sangat mahir dan jika bisa sampai ke mata dunia.Terima kasih atas waktunya...


The Dark Knight Rises armv7 HVGA and WVGA

I'm sorry for late to post this game..
I can't test this game..because this game rly HD graphic..
And must armv7 must wait for another blog to post this game..
I think this game so cool..why?? you can look the screenshot..
Rly nice..yh..unfortunatelly...I can enjoy it...

Download apk here


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Install apk and place data in Android/obb/
Use Titanium backup and restore data only...
Titanium Backup fils for TDKR


Lara Croft:Guardian of Light armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Yess...I'm waiting for this game...
Not rly good graphic..but have so cool adventure...
You must go to Lara know more about this game...
OK..let's download now..I said now..hmm.OK..have fun..

You need game board to play this game..So you must download and follow the instruction...

Download Link:
Apk here

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Install apk and place data in SDcard/Android/Data
If there is an eror graphic..Use Qualcomme Plugin and Reduce Texture Size and Quality..


Major Mayhem armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

When you rd the title and you see the picture...
what do you think about this game..??
Actually this game about military...
and I think this game have the simple graphic...
Yhh..not very high..but still fun..and still enjoy..
In this play as a military that must rescue the people..
What people why?? yes..because the terorist have a big crime that you must stop it..
Let's help many people from terorist...

Install apk and play...


Final Fury armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

The war between humans and alien invaders from the Walnutro galaxy..
You know?? many people have die..too many..
But the aliens not relent...
So I hope you to help humans to support them war with alien..

Install apk and play..

If there ie an small eror try to run this software..Titanium Twker


Amazing Alex HD (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Amazing Alex is the one of kid that has a grt IQ...??
What?? Yh..he can cln his room by battling cardboard robots in his backyard..
Alex crt amazing chains rctions to get the job done with max amount of fun...
Yahooo...I will play this game..I want to be Alex..
What about you??

Install apk and play..


Babel Rising 3D armv6 (HVGA,QVGA,WVGA)

Actually,I don't know about this game,,,
But it seems like this game about the gods are punishing the humans ...
Play god almighty to Unlsh your Wrath upon rising babel Humans in 3D..
OK..for more info you just play this game..and don't forget to share this page...

Download apk
Install apk and play..

Ninja Saga Damage

Download : engine if you don"t have.

Credits Alabnia and Bhouz Pat Loui
Enter Ninja Saga [play ninja saga]Open EngineSelect browser in the process list. (plugin-container.exe for firefox, 3rd chrome.exe for chrome)Change value to "Array of Bytes"Scan "62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2"Only 1 address should be found. (if you cant find it, change process to another chrome.exe)Double click the address and edit the address.Change the value to "62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2"Now go fight and use your skills and watch the godly damage.Have fun!

Soul Crash // Level

soul crash - New level 2012Soul Crash // Level Tested and Working as of 04/23/2012Tools :Charles – [LINK][How to use Charles]FirefoxWinrar – [32bit] or [64bit]If the charles doesn't show the money tabGo to privacy setting > security > secure browsing and uncheck the 'Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible' > SAVERemove the s in https, for example sSteps:Go to SC (Soul Crash).Open Charles (Charles Web Proxy debugger).Go to battle.After winning the battle, don't click DONE yet.Go back to Charles and expand >'http://sc.gaiainteractivegames' > scNow find theSAVE_LEVEL.Right click on it and select 'Rept Advance'Iteration: 1000 | Concurrency : 100.Click OK.Then click DONE.After the, go back to battle again.Finish the Battle and you will level up.HAVE FUNJust rept step 7 to 10 after winning the battleThats all, as of now the max level is 29

Dragon City – Instant 135900 Food Gifts

Dragon City – Instant 135900 Food GiftsClick on the links/s below to claim free foods.The links will be updated so visit us daily!Free Foods, Click the below!Part 10
Part 9Part 8Part 7Part 6Part 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1

Cartown - Free 100 Blue Points!

Cartown - Free 100 Blue Points!July.28.13
CLICK HERE TO CLAIMFree 100 Blue Points!

Kitchen Scramble - Ultimate

Kitchen Scramble - Ultimate Tested and working as of 11.06.13
Instant CookingTip Bonus++Visitor Hrtsy Hrt Gauge11/06/13 - Updated
9/25/13 - Updated

EngineFirefox/ChromeTrainer-Click here- Click Download > Wait a few secs and then click on "DOWNLOAD File" between 2 boxes.-Click hereNote:Activate all before you play.

By thistoolyou will finish every level and get 3 stars sily, you will also receive higher amount ofcoins.

Have Fun!


Go to Kitchen Scramble -Click hereOpen EngineWATCH THE -CLICK HERE

City Ville

CityVilleCityVilleis a city sim from Zynga.About the gameInCityVille, the player governs as the mayor of a city, built and managed by the player. Players can place buildings and facilities on an isometric map. After building the city, players manage them by collecting rent, restocking stores, collecting goods from factories, etc. ch action costs energy, a limited resource which continuously slowly reerates.CityVilleis a city simulation game, similar to Maxis’SimCityseries. The game was originally relsed in December 2010. A sequel (CityVille 2) was relsed in November 2012, however it was shut down in March 2013.FturesAutomatically harvest plants / collect rent / rnings from businessesAutomatically re-open (restock with goods) businessesUsageInstall the Firefox extension, restart Firefox, and browse to the game’s web page.Press the LeetHax button on the right to access the interface.Hover your mouse over ch option to see a detailed description.InstructionsThere is no way to directly the amount of energy, coins, City Cash etc. However, with our you can lve the game running, and the game will automatically rn coins and experience while you’re away.For best results, we recommend that you lve only those buildings so that used energy to “harvest” them matches your energy reeration rate.For example, if you get 1 energy every few minutes, and you have several houses that you can collect every 5 minutes, you can only collect from 1 house every time. If you collect from more than 1 house every 5 minutes, you will run out of energy quickly.1 energy every 5 minutes mns 12 energy every hour. If you have 12 houses that give you income every hour, you can collect from all of them without ever running out of energy. Houses that give you income every hour are better than those that give you income every minute, because the amount of money rned per collection is higher, and collections are limited by energy.The same goes for businesses. Businesses that take many minutes to serve their quota of customers may be more efficient.Simple instructionsStore away buildings that give you money every 5 minutes.Store away businesses that give you little money per restock.If you have a lot of buildings (10 or more) that give you money every hour, store them away too.Install extension, open the gameClick the LeetHax button on the bottom-rightEnable “Harvest/collect”If you have a lot of goods and want to spend them, enable “Open businesses”Lve the game open. When you come back, disable both options to stop the bot.Enjoy!Come back for more and updates!Screenshot

tetris battle – coins, exp, energy and bot

tetris battle – coins, exp, energy and bot Requirments:Firefox or ChromeFiddler2 – [LINK]Winrar – [32bit] or [64bit]SUPERBOT – [LINK]NORMALBOT -[LINK]exp-energy-coins-bot -[LINK]normalGAME-exp-energy-coins -[LINK] ftures:BOT SuperBot 99exp 99coins Unlimited energyFiddler Setting
Click Tools > Fiddler Options > Check Capture HTTPS CONNECTs > Check Decrypt HTTPS TrafficSteps:1. Open Fiddler and click Autoresponder tab.
2. Check the two boxes and drag all the files that you have just downloaded.
3. Click “SAVE” to your fiddler.
4. Clr Cache to your fiddler and to your browser.(MOST IMPORTANT)
5. Go to TetrisNote: coins isin battle2p and exp is in marathonENJOY!!!!


We have received your feedback with regards on the premature ending of theLed Shops and other Led rewards-related bugs.From15th August 2012, 0900hrs (+8GMT) to 22nd August 2012, 0900hrs (+8GMT),NPCRandolf,NPCLucia andNPCNaomiwill be back in theEvent Mapto do exchange for all Led related rewards.▪Led Reward Coin ExchangeFor players who are still holding on to theLed Coinsand are unable to exchange them for the items which you wanted due to the premature ending of the Led Shop on 7th August 2012, plse access to theEvent Map through the Mirror of Dimensionand you can continue to exchange your existingLed CoinswithNPCRandolf andNPCLucia.▪Elite Blessing RewardsFor players withMercedes and Demon Slayer characters that have rched Level 70and are unable to claim theElite Blessing rewardfrom the Maple Administrator, plse access to theEvent Map through the Mirror of Dimensionand click onNPCNaomi.NPCNaomiwill be doing theElite Blessing Rewardsexchange for allMercedes and Demon Slayercharacters that areeligiblefor the reward.Plse be informed that players who have alrdy claim the rewards rlier will not be able to redeem the Elite Blessing Rewards again.Note:We would like to thank all players for your precious feedback with regards to the premature ending of all Led related quests. Plse remember not to discard away all yourLed Coinsas they will still be usable on the15th August 2012, 0900hrs (+8GMT) to 22nd August 2012, 0900hrs (+8GMT). However, we regret to inform all players that no reimbursement of any kind will be given to players who have alrdy discarded their Led Coins.Have a good week ahd and Happy Mapling

Ninja Saga Damage


1. Open engine
2. Select your browser from the process list
3. Change the value type from "4 bytes" to "Array of bytes"
4. Scan this : 62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2
5. Select all the address that return
6. Change their value to: 62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2
7. Fight your battles. Using your NINJUTSU (element skills) will result in 1 HIT KO!

-EFFECTIVE IN ALL OTHER BATTLES (clan wars,bosses etc)

Maple Story Phantom Skill Build

One of the fiveLedary Heroes, the Phantom is known as the Master Thief. He isegorizedas such by being a very swift character with high avoidance and high damage output. What sets him apart from other classes are his unique wpons; the Cane and the Deck of Cards.Above all, thedefiningfactor of the Phantom is his ability to “stl” or borrow other adventurers skills for his own use.Phantom Stat BuildPhantom, being a thief usesLUKas its primary stat withDEXas secondary. erally there exists two different ap-builds.Dexless BuildBasically just keeping your DEX set at (4) and going upping your primary stat (LUK) instd. This build gives you a huge advantage in damage rly on, especially sincePhantomsalrdy get +40 DEX passively from a beginner skill. That combined with different gr such as Zakum Helmet etc should land you on roughly ~90 DEX at level 100 which is enough for most gr.Low DEX Build(Recommended!)Similar to the dexless but keep your DEX high enough for all equipment you pass by. Slightly less damage rly on but not oh-so-much due to the passive skill mentioned rlier giving you +40 DEX.Phantom Skill BuildFirst Job Advancement10. +1 Double Entendre (1), +4 Phantom Swiftness (4)
11. +3 Phantom Swiftness (7)
12. +3 Phantom Swiftness (10)
13. +3 Phantom Swiftness (13)
14. +2 Phantom Swiftness (15), +1 Fther Foot (1)
15. +3 Fther Foot (4)
16. +3 Fther Foot (7)
17. +3 Fther Foot (10)
18. +3 Double Entendre (4)
19. +3 Double Entendre (7)
20. +3 Double Entendre (10)
21. +3 Double Entendre (13)
22. +3 Double Entendre (16)
23. +3 Double Entendre (19)
24. +1 Double Entendre (20), +2 Impeccable Memory I (2)
25. +3 Impeccable Memory I (5)
26. +3 Impeccable Memory I (8)
27. +3 Impeccable Memory I (11)
28. +3 Impeccable Memory I (14)
29. +3 Impeccable Memory I (17)
30. +3 Impeccable Memory I (20)Suggested Skills to Stl:
Iron Body
Magic Guard
Arrow Blow
Magic Claw
Lucky SevenSummary: Mobility and evasion are focused on first so avoid damage during the rly game. Your first Memory skill will allow you to stl low level skills from theoriginaladventurers, so choose one that either fits your play-style or gives you a decent buff to help with training speed. All first level skills will me maxed, so it’s impossible to mess up rly game excluding yourdesiredAP build.
Second Job Advancement30. +1 CarteBlanc(Given upon Advancement), +1 Calling Card (1)
31. +1 Carte Mille (1), +2 Cane Mastery (2)
32. +3 Cane Mastery (5)
33. +3 Cane Booster (3)
34. +3 Cane Booster (6)
35. +3 Cane Mastery (8)
36. +3 Cane Mastery (11)
37. +3 Cane Mastery (14)
38. +3 Cane Mastery (17)
39. +3 Cane Mastery (20)
40. +3 Impeccable Memory II (3)
41. +3 Impeccable Memory II (6)
42. +3 Impeccable Memory II (9)
43. +3 Impeccable Memory II (12)
44. +3 Impeccable Memory II (15)
45. +3 Impeccable Memory II (18)
46. +2 Impeccable Memory II (20), +1 Calling Card (2)
47. +3 Calling Card (5)
48. +3 Calling Card (8)
49. +3 Calling Card (11)
50. +3 Calling Card (14)
51. +3 Calling Card (17)
52. +3 Calling Card (20)
53. +3 CarteBlanc(4)
54. +3CarteBlanc(7)
55. +3 Carte Blanc(10)
56. +3 Devil’s Luck (3)
57. +3 Devil’s Luck (6)
58. +3 Devil’s Luck (9)
59. +1 Devil’s Luck (10), +2 Cane Booster (8)
60. +3 Cane Booster (11)
61. +3 Cane Booster (14)
62. +3 Cane Booster (17)
63. +3 Cane Booster (20)
64. +3 Carte Mille (4)
65. +3 Carte Mille (7)
66. +3 Carte Mille (10)
67. +3 Carte Mille (13)
68. +3 Carte Mille (16)
69. +3 Carte Mille (19)
70. +1 Carte Mille (20), 2 EXTRA SPSuggested Skills to Stl:
Hyper Body
Power Guard
Mental Clarity
Tornado Upper
Iron Arrow
Shuriken Burst
Thunder BoltSummary:Calling Cardacts as a new attack skill to use inconjunctionwith Double Entendre.Cane Masteryiscriticalin giving your damage range stability,incrsingyour minimum damage to help take out the monsters you’ll face.Your second Memory Skill will allow you to stl yet another skill from your fellow adventurers, so choose wisely.Devil’s Luckis just the Phantom version of intense training, giving your minimum LUK stat a boost of +40 at max level, but unlike other Intense Training skills; it doesnotadd a secondary stat. Max booster next and thenCarte Mille(Which acts like aminiaturerush). You’ll have everything maxed with two SP left over.
Third Job Advancement70. +1 Rapier Wit (1)
71. +1 Mist Mask (1), +1 Blason Fantome (1), +1 Piercing Vision (1)
72. +3 Impeccable Memory III (3)
73. +3 Impeccable Memory III (6)
74. +3 Impeccable Memory III (9)
75. +3 Impeccable Memory III (12)
76. +3 Impeccable Memory III (15)
77. +3 Impeccable Memory III (18)
78. +2 Impeccable Memory III (20), +1 Lune (1)
79. +3 Lune (4)
80. +3 Lune (7)
81. +3 Lune (10)
82. +3 Lune (13)
83. +3 Lune (16)
84. +3 Lune (19)
85. +1 Lune (20), +2 Blason Fantome (3)
86. +3 Blason Fantome (6)
87. +3 Blason Fantome (9)
88. +2 Blason Fantome (11), +1 Piercing Vision (2)
89. +3 Piercing Vision (5)
90. +3 Piercing Vision (8)
91. +3 Piercing Vision (11)
92. +3 Piercing Vision (14)
93. +3 Piercing Vision (17)
94. +3 Piercing Vision (20)
95. +3 Mist Mask (4)
96. +3 Mist Mask (7)
97. +3 Mist Mask (10)
98. +3 Mist Mask (13)
99. +3 Mist Mask (16)
100. +3 Mist Mask (19)
101. +1 Mist Mask (20), +2 Bad Luck Ward (2)
102. +3 Bad Luck Ward(5)
103. +3 Bad Luck Ward (8)
104. +3 Bad Luck Ward (11)
105. +3 Bad Luck Ward (14)
106. +3 Bad Luck Ward (17)
107. +3 Bad Luck Ward (20)
108. +3 Final Feint (3)
109. +3 Final Feint (6)
110. +3 Final Feint (9)
111. +3 Final Feint (12)
112. +3 Final Feint (15)
113. +3 Final Feint (18)
114. +2 Final Feint (20), +1 Rapier Wit (2)
115. +3 Rapier Wit (5)
116. +3 Rapier Wit (8)
117. +3 Rapier Wit (11)
118. +3 Rapier Wit (14)
119. +3 Rapier Wit (17)
120. +3 Rapier Wit (20)Suggested Skills to Stl:
Holy Symbol
Combo Attack
Willow Defense
Magic Crash
Arrow Rain
Drain Arrow
Shining Ray
Double SpiralSummary:This jobadvancementstarts moving in more active buffs than before. These buffs will incrse your , MP, Attack, Status Resistance, and Critical rate. These buffs along with your new attacks will give you the tools to start moving up and into the fourth jobadvancement. Max all but Blason Fantome; lve that at 11.
Fourth Job Advancement120. +1 Mille Aiguilles (1), +1 Penombre (1), +1 Impeccable Memory IV (1), +1 Carte Noir (Automatic Upon Advancement)
121. +1 Pouvoir Emprunte (1), +1 Tempest (1), +1 Aria Amour (1)
122. +3 Aria Amour (4)
123. +3 Aria Amour (7)
124. +3 Aria Amour (10)
125. +3 Aria Amour (13)
126. +3 Aria Amour(16)
127. +3 Aria Amour (19)
128. +3 Aria Amour (22)
129. +3 Aria Amour (25)
130. +3 Aria Amour (28)
131. +2 Aria Amour (30), +1 Cane Expert (1)
132. +3 Cane Expert (4)
133. +3 Cane Expert (7)
134. +3 Cane Expert (10)
135. +3 Cane Expert (13)
136. +3 Cane Expert (16)
137. +3 Cane Expert (19)
138. +3 Cane Expert (22)
139. +3 Cane Expert (25)
140. +3 Cane Expert (28)
141. +2 Cane Expert (30), +1 Impeccable Memory IV (2)
142. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (5)
143. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (8)
144. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (11)
145. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (14)
146. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (17)
147. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (20)
148. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (23)
149. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (26)
150. +3 Impeccable Memory IV (29)
151. +1 Impeccable Memory IV (30), +2 Penombre (3)
152. +3 Penombre (6)
153. +3 Penombre (9)
154. +3 Penombre (12)
155. +3 Penombre (15)
156. +3 Penombre (18)
157. +2 Penombre (20), +1 Carte Noir (2)
158. +3 Carte Noir (5)
159. +3 Carte Noir(8)
160. +3 Carte Noir (11)
161. +3 Carte Noir (14)
162. +3 Carte Noir (17)
163. +3 Carte Noir (20)
164. +3 Mille Aiguilles (4)
165. +3 Mille Aiguilles (7)
166. +3 Mille Aiguilles (10)
167. +3 Mille Aiguilles (13)
168. +3 Mille Aiguilles (16)
169. +3 Mille Aiguilles (19)
170. +3 Mille Aiguilles (22)
171. +3 Mille Aiguilles (25)
172. +3 Mille Aiguilles (28)
173. +2 Mille Aiguilles (30), +1 Maple Warrior (1)
174. +3 Maple Warrior (4)
175. +3 Maple Warrior (7)
176. +3 Maple Warrior (10)
177. +3 Maple Warrior (13)
178. +3 Maple Warrior (16)
179. +3 Maple Warrior (19)
180. +3 Maple Warrior (22)
181. +3 Maple Warrior (25)
182. +3 Maple Warrior (28)
183. +1 Maple Warrior (29), +2 Pouvoir Emprunte (3)
184. +3 Pouvoir Emprunte (6)
185. +3 Pouvoir Emprunte (9)
186. +3 Pouvoir Emprunte (12)
187. +3 Pouvoir Emprunte (15)
188. +3 Pouvoir Emprunte (18)
189. +2 Pouvoir Emprunte (20), +1 Hero’s Will (1)
190. +3 Hero’s Will (4)
191. +1 Hero’s Will (5), +2 Tempest(3)
192. +3 Tempest (6)
193. +3 Tempest (9)
194. +3 Tempest (12)
195. +3 Tempest (15)
196. +3 Tempest (18)
197. +3 Tempest (21)
198. +3 Tempest (24)
199. +3 Tempest (27)
200. +3 Tempest (30)Suggested Skills to Stl:
Sharp Eyes
Pirate Style
Continual Aiming
Power Stance
Rapid Fire
Dragon Strike
Chain Lightning
Summary:Congratulations. You’re now the Master Thief. This part of the build can beinterchangbleto fir your own play styles. Enjoy your newly found power as the Phantom

Server Maintenance & Cash Shop Update

Dr Maplers!Plse be informed that there will be aServer Maintenance & Cash Shop Updateon13th June 2012 from 0900hrs to 1900hrs.Game services will not be available for both Ares & Artemis Gateway during the above mentioned timing.Kindly logout before this period of time to prevent any game disruption.Functions that will be affected during the maintenance are:
• MapleS Website
• Asiasoft Passport
• @Cash Top-up service
• @Cash to Game Cash Conversion service
• Change of email address of AP account
• Change of AP
• Change of AP securityPIN
• Crtion of game account
• Change of game account
• Reset of game account
•NETs andAXSTop-up service
• @Cafe services
• @ device servicesCash Shop Update

▪Germany Face Painting

▪Holland Face Painting

▪Portugal Face Painting

▪Spain Face Painting

▪Sweden Face Painting

▪The current set of decorative items will be replaced by a new set of decorative items after the Cash Shop Update.

▪Gachapon Jackpot updated for June

Good luck and Happy Mapling!

-MapleS Administrator

Let's Fish - Ultimate

Let's Fish - Ultimate Tested and working as of November 24, 2013
Script Updated (11.24.13)
Credits:Jonathan Ramlie,Steve198 & Awesome Trainers Maker :D
Engine–Click here to downloadFirefox/ChromeWinrarScriptCLICK HEREor [Mirror]// Wait 5-7 sec > Click Skip Ad > Click Download > wait a few secs again and then click download between 2 boxes.Ftures:sy Pull/ch/CaptureHow To Use It:
Activate the (1) script before the (2) script.
Do NOT Cast The Line Before Activate The .
Cast The Line Then Have Fun!!

Steps: NEW

Download the file above.Go toLet's Fishonfacebook-CLICK HEREExtract the downloaded file into desktopOpen EngineChoose process.How to find the correct process -Click herePress CTRL+O and then select the file in desktop..Check the box below ACTIVE TAB. (Press here to enable the ...)
Steps: OLD
Go toLet's Fishonfacebook-CLICK HEREOpen EngineClick mini cpu icon at the top left of engine or the small box under file TAB.Select-plugin_container.exe(firefox) or2ndFlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe |GoogleChrome:How to find the correct process -Click hereValue type from '4 bytes' to 'Array of Bytes'Scan 'Scan1'Double click the result or click the 1st address, hold shift and then click the last address, click the red arrowChange all the values to 'Replace2' (Select 1 address below. Hold Ctrl +A and then hit Enter )New Scan'Scan2'Change the value to 'Replace2'Enjoy

Ninja Saga – New One Hit (OHKO)

Ninja Saga – New One Hit (OHKO)Tested and working as of October 27, 2013Credits: erchima10/27/13 – Added 1 hit using engine, see method 2 below. have fun!Tools: Engine-Click hereBrowsers Tool -Click here-Untick Download with Share Bst Downloader to download the file.Ftures:1 HIT KO / DMG Method 1:Go toGo to Ninja Sagaon Facebook -CLICK HEREDo NOT select character yetOpenErcHimA – Ninja Saga v3.1that you’ve just download from link above.Select browser (Firefox, Chrome or Explorer) and then click ‘Attach’ > ContinueEnable 1hit Choose character and PLAY!Use SkillEnjoy!Method 2:Go toGo to Ninja Sagaon Facebook -CLICK HEREOpen EngineWatch the to see how to find correct process for google chrome -Click hereValue type: “Array of Bytes”Scan “62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2“Bring down the address that you’ve foundChange the value to “62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2“Enjoy!Tested and working as of October 27, 2013Credits: erchima10/27/13 – Added 1 hit using engine, see method 2 below. have fun!Tools: Engine-Click hereBrowsers Tool -Click here-Untick Download with Share Bst Downloader to download the file.Ftures:1 HIT KO / DMG Method 1:Go toGo to Ninja Sagaon Facebook -CLICK HEREDo NOT select character yetOpenErcHimA – Ninja Saga v3.1that you’ve just download from link above.Select browser (Firefox, Chrome or Explorer) and then click ‘Attach’ > ContinueEnable 1hit Choose character and PLAY!Use SkillEnjoy!Method 2:Go toGo to Ninja Sagaon Facebook -CLICK HEREOpen EngineWatch the to see how to find correct process for google chrome -Click hereValue type: “Array of Bytes”Scan “62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2“Bring down the address that you’ve foundChange the value to “62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2“Enjoy!

Food Force On Facebook

Two of the biggest rsons people play social games are distraction and relaxation, but a new Facebook game hopes to add another rson -- to do good in rl life.

Food Force, a game crted by Konami and the World Food Programme, puts players at the hd of a virtual humanitarian aid acy with the goal of getting rid of hunger in different parts of the world. To complete this monumental task, players will need to grow crops a la FarmVille, turn them into expendable goods and ship them off to countries in need. As per most social games, friends are required to get the job done, and you'll be able to visit neighbors' acies for bonuses.

The game itself isn't exactly groundbrking (and a tad confusing), but the main selling point is that you can use Facebook Credits to buy power-ups in the in-game store and the proceeds go to the World Food Programme school ml initiative (which helps feed 20 million children every yr). So, basically, if you use Facebook Credits to buy a tractor or some kind of fertilizer, you'll help feed a certain of children. A 'rl-life impact" tracker in the game lets you know how many kids you've helped.

It's worth noting that this is the second debut for Food Force. The first was back in 2005 when Konami relsed another game with the same name, in which players executed emercy operations on a fictional island. The new Food Force on Facebook game is a little broader in scope than the original and takes advantage of Facebook's social ftures.

"Through this title, we hope that people in Japan and across the globe not only strengthen their understanding of WFP's work but also support their worldwide efforts against hunger while enjoying an accessible social game," says Konami Senior Vice President Kazuhiko Uehara.

We've seen this trend of doing good in other social games, like the popularFarmVille's Sweet Seeds for Haiti promotions, but this is one of the few games entirely devoted to building awareness and raising money for a cause. While the id behind the game is, well, admirable, one can't help but wonder -- is the game going to get enough people to play to rlly make a difference? An existing game like FarmVille, with 20-some-odd millions of engaged players, might be a better vehicle for organizations that want to make a difference.

Dragon City – Castle Island Quest

Dragon City – Castle Island Quest
Tested and working as of 11/14/13Tools:Castle Island Quest //Click HereGoogle Chrome or any browsersPlse wait 5 sec and then click skip ad.Note: Don’t lve the game while you do !Steps:Click onlink above!Go toDragon City.Right click on white part of browser and select ‘View Frame Source‘Ctrl+F and then then typesessionIdanduserId(copy their values and then paste them into dragon city gems )Or How to find User and FBID -CLICK HEREClick on Submit ButtonWait about 30 seconds and then reload game.Enjoy!Like Us onfacebook!Finish Castle Island Quest in just a few clicks… Have Fun!
Come back for more and updates!

Papa Pr Saga

Papa Pr Saga Tested and working as of October 15, 2013
EngineFirefox/ChromeWinrarTrainer-CLICK HEREor [Mirror]// Wait 5-7 sec > Click Skip Ad > Click Download

Free lives and BoostersSet Papa Pr Moves to 30Set Papa Pr Moves to 1Instantly finish Targets on next target20X ch score
Steps:Go toPapa Pr Sagaonfacebook-CLICK HEREFinish a gameOpen filethat you download from link above.Select browser (Firefox,ChromeorExplorer) and then click 'Attach'Enable that you want.Enjoy!

Critical 1 Hit Kill

My Ninja - Critical & Damage (DMG) WorkingTested and working as of November 24, 2013
Engine–Click here to downloadFirefox/ChromeWinrarTrainer-CLICK HEREor [Mirror]// Wait 5-7 sec > Click Skip Ad > Click Download > Wait a few secs and then click on download at the middle of 2 boxs.-CLICK HERENote: Do NOT use in EVENTS OR PVP!
Note: Do NOT use DMG or else you will lose battle!
Updated:November 24, 2013- AI Attack Friends and Self UpdateNovember 04, 2013- AI Attack Friends and Self UpdateOctober 22, 2013 - AI Attack Friends and Self UpdateOctober 22, 2013 - AI Attack Friends and Self UpdateSeptember 30, 2013 - AI Attack Friends and Self UpdateSeptember 18, 2013 - AI Attack Friends and Self UpdateFtures
AI attack Friends or selfDamage 100% CriticalSteps:Go toMy Ninjaonfacebook-CLICK HEREOpenMy_Ninja_Trainerthat you download from link above.Select browser (Firefox,ChromeorExplorer) and then click 'Attach'Enable desire or just click on 'Enable all'Click playEnjoy!Come back for more