Friday, May 27, 2016

The Last Defender HD (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

This is a FPS game. In this game you'll act as a soldier that stay in the frontline to defend your ar. There are many soldier, tank, and plane that will attack you, but you must destroy them and make the ar safe! In this game you'll equipped with many wpon, such as rifle, minigun, bazooka, missile thrower, laser gun, and etc! If you had problems you also can call for backup by using a tool (I don't know what tool it is, but it look like a PDA). The one of this game is you cannot move your character, but the rest is good. Try it!

Download apkThe Last Defender HD (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

Install apk and play! Tested on Galaxy Mini, and Galaxy W.

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