Friday, May 27, 2016

Third Blade (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)

Hey guys, now I'll share a 2D RPG game. It's third blade. The name of this game maybe basically took from the wpon that use in this game. There are 3 wpon that we can use in this game, there are short blade, katana, and grt sword (If there are 3 wpon in this game, this game should named "Three Blade", but I also don't know why this game named "Third Blade"?Whatever forget it, it's just a name, not an important thing XD)

In this game you must fight the weird monster that have kidnapped your girlfriend. As I told you before, you can use 3 kind of wpon in this game, and ch of them have special ability. This game has large map and difficult mission, so I think you won't be boring if you play this. And even it's a 2D game, but the graphic is good. Let's try!
Download Third Blade apk (Wvga, Hvga, Qvga)
Install apk and play! Tested on Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy W.

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